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Directory Members: S

Title Description
Person packed font file Dr Angeliki Salamoura Second language learning with reference to L2 English; language assessment; learner corpora; bilingualism
Person packed font file Dr Helena Sanson History of Italian literature and culture with reference to women and gender; history of the Italian language; history of linguistic thought
Person Danielle Saunders
Person Dr Biljana Savikj Second language socialisation of immigrant background children; social networks
Person packed font file Dr Nick Saville Language proficiency scales and descriptors in the context of assessment; learning-oriented assessment; language and migration
Person Sarah Schechter Language learner motivation; Outreach for language education; Applied Linguistics
Person object code Dr Norma Schifano Historical and synchronic comparative Romance and Greek linguistics; morpho-syntax; dialectology; language contact; cartography
Person packed font file Dr Elaine Schmidt Psycholinguistics; language acquisition; language Processing; phonetics and phonology; neurolinguistics; prosody; sentence processing
Person object code Dr Meredith Shafto Age-related changes in specific language abilities
Person AR archive Curtis Sharma, BA, MPhil Bilingual cognition; developmental disorders; cognitive neuroscience; executive function; attention and working memory; pragmatic language use
Person text/x-nemerle Jin Shen
Person Pu Shi Academic literacy; critical thinking and learner autonomy; cultural and ideological issues in language education; history of English language education in Ch...
Person Samantha Sie Second Language Acquisition; multilingualism; syntax
Person object code Dr Roberto B. Sileo Contextualism; default semantics; expressiveness and truth-conditional content
Person Jasper Sim Hong
Person Michael Simmons Potential collaborative research proposals and projects; knowledge exchange
Person chemical/x-gaussian-log Dr Nidhi Singal Disability, poverty and development; poverty, ethnicity and special educational needs
Person packed font file Dr Ioanna Sitaridou Comparative and historical syntax of the Romance languages; Greek dialectal and diachronic syntax
Person Dr Ediz Sohoglu
Person packed font file Professor Janet Martin Soskice Metaphor and figurative speech in bibilical studies; religious language and "Naming God"