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Directory Members: W

Title Description
Person packed font file Jane Walsh The development of interdisciplinary research in language sciences
Person text/x-nemerle Jia Wan Computational linguistics
Person Xiao Wang Data-driven learning; corpus linguistics; second language pragmatics; academic English
Person Yingcan Wang Predictive neural mechanism of speech learning; Language Communication and Comprehension, Language Change and Diversity, Language Learning across the Lifespan; ...
Person packed font file Dr Elizabeth Warburton Aphasia
Person packed font file Dr Sheila Watts German and Germanic linguistics
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Daniel Weston Discourse analysis of academic admissions interviews at elite institutions, bilingual code-switching, English dialect development, historical sociolinguistic...
Person packed font file Dr Emma Widdis Russian and Soviet cinema
Person Mandy Wigdorowitz Monolingualism, bilingualism and multilingualism; comprehension and cognition; linguistic distance; speech and language processing; statistical analysis
Person packed font file Dr John Williams Second language lexical and syntactic processing; cognitive mechanisms in second language learning
Person packed font file Dr David Willis Syntactic change; history of Celtic and Slavonic languages; use of electronic corpora in historical linguistics
Person packed font file Dr Jo Willmott Mood and modality in ancient Greek
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Elspeth Wilson First language acquisition; word learning; experimental semantics & pragmatics; implicature; bilingualism
Person chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Dr Andrew Winnard Publisher: Language, Linguistics, Anthropology
Person packed font file Dr Ian Winter The neural basis of hearing
Person D source code Helena Wood Speech and language disorders; Developmental Language Disorder
Person packed font file Professor Phil Woodland Machine learning and statistical pattern recognition; signal processing
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Martin Worthington Babylonian and Assyrian grammar; Akkadian; Sumerian
Person packed font file Dr Laura Wright History of the English language; history of London English; historical code-switching; historical sociolects
Person chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Jocelyn Wyburd Learning environments; curriculum design; language learner autonomy; use of technology to support language teaching and learning