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Directory Members: W

Title Description
Person packed font file Jane Walsh The development of interdisciplinary research in language sciences
Person text/x-nemerle Jia Wan Computational linguistics
Person Xiao Wang
Person Yingcan Wang Predictive neural mechanism of speech learning; Language Communication and Comprehension, Language Change and Diversity, Language Learning across the Lifespan; ...
Person packed font file Dr Elizabeth Warburton Aphasia
Person packed font file Dr Sheila Watts German and Germanic linguistics
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Daniel Weston Discourse analysis of academic admissions interviews at elite institutions, bilingual code-switching, English dialect development, historical sociolinguistic...
Person packed font file Dr Emma Widdis Russian and Soviet cinema
Person Mandy Wigdorowitz
Person packed font file Dr John Williams Second language lexical and syntactic processing; cognitive mechanisms in second language learning
Person packed font file Dr David Willis Syntactic change; history of Celtic and Slavonic languages; use of electronic corpora in historical linguistics
Person packed font file Dr Jo Willmott Mood and modality in ancient Greek
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Elspeth Wilson First language acquisition; word learning; experimental semantics & pragmatics; implicature; bilingualism
Person chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Dr Andrew Winnard Publisher: Language, Linguistics, Anthropology
Person packed font file Dr Ian Winter The neural basis of hearing
Person D source code Helena Wood
Person packed font file Professor Phil Woodland Machine learning and statistical pattern recognition; signal processing
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Martin Worthington Babylonian and Assyrian grammar; Akkadian; Sumerian
Person packed font file Dr Laura Wright History of the English language; history of London English; historical code-switching; historical sociolects
Person chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Jocelyn Wyburd Learning environments; curriculum design; language learner autonomy; use of technology to support language teaching and learning