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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Areas of Interest: 
Cognitive Linguistics
Construction Grammar
Endangered languages and language documentation
Linguistic diversity and multilingualism
Catalan, Welsh, and Slavonic languages


Albert is an Affiliated Lecturer in Catalan Studies. His lectureship is generously co-funded by Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua and by the Institut Ramon Llull. He is also the holder of the Batista i Roca Fellowship at Fitzwilliam College.

Albert’s research interests focus on Cognitive Linguistics and Typology, particularly with constructivist approaches to argument structure, endangered and lesser-studied languages, and metaphor in discourse. Apart from Catalan, he has also carried out work on Polish and Welsh. His current research explores the role of multilingualism in the use of minority languages, and the use of metaphors in political discourse in Catalonia and its contribution to legitimacy for independence.

Affiliated Lecturer; Catalan Lector (Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese)
 Albert  Ventayol-Boada