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Dr Avin Mirawdeli

Automatic Speech Recognition; Stuttering research; Disfluency; Speech, Language and Communication disorders; Developmental Speech disorders; Language Communication and Comprehension; Human Language Technologies
Dr Avin Mirawdeli

Research Associate

Automatic Speech Recognition

Stuttering research


Speech, Language and Communication disorders

Developmental Speech disorders

Departments and Institutes

Faculty of Education:

Research Interests

I am interested in speech, language and communication disorders and have worked in this field for 8 years. My main research interests are in automatic speech recognition (ASR) and its application to improve speech difficulty identification and diagnosis and stuttering and phonological disorders. I completed my PhD in Experimental Psychology in UCL, under the instruction of Professor Peter Howell, where I investigated and developed a speech screening test for young children.

My current research is in collaboration with Dr Kate Knill from the Machine Intelligence Laboratory and aims to develop an ASR that would enable the teachers and clinicians to identify children with speech difficulties for early intervention.

I am part of the Gibson-Katsos research group.


  • Speech recognition
  • Language impairment