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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Areas of Interest: 
Parallels and differences between music and language in cognition
Experimental study of music as communicative interaction
Rhythm in music and language


My research is interdisciplinary, guided by the aim of developing an integrated understanding of music as grounded in both biology and culture. I have published widely in the fields of music cognition, music theory, ethnomusicology, archaeological acoustics, psychoacoustics and, most recently, music and language evolution.


Key publications: 


Rebuschat, P., Rohrmeier, M., Hawkins, J. & Cross, I. (Eds.) (2011). Language and music as cognitive systems. Oxford, Oxford University Press

Cross, I. (2011). The meanings of musical meanings: Comment on Towards a neural basis of processing musical semantics, by Stefan Koelsch. Physics of Life Reviews, 8, 116-119.

Rohrmeier, M., Rebuschat, P. & Cross, I. (2011). Incidental learning of melodic structure. Consciousness & Cognition, 24 (2), 214-222.

Cross, I. (2009). Communicative development: neonate crying reflects patterns of native-language speech. Current Biology, 19(23), R1078-R1079.

Cross, I. (2009). The evolutionary nature of musical meaning. Musicae Scientiae Special Issue, 179-200.

Professor of Music and Science
Director of the Centre for Music and Science
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Professor Ian   Cross


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