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Cambridge Language Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Centre
Areas of Interest: 
Comparative analysis of birdsong learning and human speech and language acquisition
Theoretical analysis of the evolution and mechanisms of language


My main research interests are in the behavioural, neural and cognitive mechanisms of language, learning, memory and development. In particular, my current research is concerned with the neural mechanisms of birdsong memory, and the neurocognitive parallels between birdsong, speech and language. In addition, I have a theoretical interest in the relationship between evolution, cognition, and the brain.


Key publications: 

Bolhuis, J.J., Beckers, G.J.L., Huybregts, M.A.C., Berwick, R.C. & Everaert, M.B.H (2018) The slings and arrows of comparative linguistics. PLoS Biology, 16(9), e3000019.

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Academic Visitor, Department of Zoology
Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Psychology
Visiting Scholar, St. Catharine's College
Professor of Cognitive Neurobiology, Utrecht University
Professor Johan  Bolhuis

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